Wireless Printing - Release Stations

Student printing at Seton Hall Law School is managed by our Papercut system and requires students to release their print jobs rather than sending them directly to a specific printer.   This not only increases efficiency and security by allowing students to print only what they need, but provides "follow me" printing so that print jobs can be released at various locations throughout the building.

To print, first click the Papercut Mobility link below to install the correct printer and print driver on your laptop.  You only need to install the printer once on your device and your device must be connected to the law school wireless network to access the Mobility link. The link will then show you device specific information on how to install the Law School printer.

PaperCut Mobility Wireless Printer Installation

Once you have installed the Law School Printer on your laptop, select Law School Printer as your destination printer and print.  You will then see a message on the bottom right of your screen stating that your print job is now held in queue for release at any release station.

To release your stored print job, first locate any of the release stations listed below. 

  • Rodino Learning Center (Library 4th floor) left side 

  • Rodino Learning Center (Library 4th floor) right side

  • Rodino Center Library 3rd floor near glass quiet room

  • Rodino Center Library 3rd floor corner open area

  • Rodino Center Library 5th floor by curved desks

Then make sure that the printer associated with your release station (usually the copier next to the release station) is online and in service.  Login at the release station, select your print job and click "print".  Your job will then print to the printer.

If the printer associated with your release station is down for any reason, please release your print job at another release station and notify our Law Helpdesk of the printer issue.  Please note that print jobs held in queue for more than 24 hours will automatically delete.


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