Wireless Printing - BluePrint

Student printing at Seton Hall Law School is managed by our campus-wide BluePrint system and requires students to release their print jobs rather than sending them directly to a specific printer.   This not only increases efficiency and security by allowing students to print only what they need, but provides "follow me" printing so print jobs can be released at various locations in the Rodino Center and our clinics.

To setup printing, go to the BluePrint Install Intructions link below and follow the instructions for your device's operating system (PC or MAC). You will only need to install the printer once.

BluePrint Install Instructions

Once you have completed the printer install, the BluePrint printer will appear in your printer selections.  Select the BluePrint printer as your destination printer and MAKE SURE YOUR PRINT JOB PAGE SIZE is LETTER or US LETTER...  Then print.  By default, all prints are double sided.

To release your stored print job, first locate any of the copiers listed below. 

  • Rodino Learning Center (Library 4th floor) left side 

  • Rodino Learning Center (Library 4th floor) right side

  • Rodino Center Library 3rd floor near glass quiet room

  • Rodino Center Library 5th floor by curved desks

Make sure that the copier is online and in service. 

SWIPE your STUDENT ID on the card reader on the copier or click the keyboard icon located on the copier screen and enter your 6 digit passcode.

Follow the screen to release your print job...

You can also review print jobs as well as access other copier features such as copy, scan to email or scan to USB memory stick...

Print jobs sent to the BluePrint system are held for up to 24hrs...