Journals Write-on Competition


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The 2022 Journals Write-on Competition for TRANSFER students begins July 29, 2022 and ends August 12, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. Questions may be sent to [email protected].

Competition entries must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.docx) format and all metadata must be removed from the document. Submissions received in a format other than Microsoft Word (.docx) format will not be graded.

TRANSFER STUDENTS - Need an anonymous number?

Please sign-up for an anonymous number here (access code required 128392).

Competition Packet and Submission Instructions

This competition is based on anonymity.  To avoid disqualification, please do not contact Journal members directly. Any questions or concerns should be sent to [email protected] who will be the liaison between student(s) and Journal members.

How to download competition packet?

To access the competition packet, please download packet by clicking blue button below.

Competition Packet >>

(Available 7/29/22)


The following resources and examples are provided to help you prepare for the 2021 competition.

  1. Informational Packet (with FAQ's)
  2. Example of Competition Packet (2020 Competition)
  3. Student Entry Example 1 (2020 Competition)
  4. Student Entry Example 2 (2020 Competition)
  5. Student Entry Example 3 (2020 Competition)
  6. 2020 Bluebook Test Exercise
  7. 2020 Bluebook Test Answer Key
  8. Example of Chicago Manual of Style Exercise
  9. Example of Chicago Manual of Style Answer Key


Any questions related to the competition problem should be submitted to the discussion board (see instructions below). If you experience issues with accessing the discussion board or if you have questions related to your submission, contact [email protected]. If you have an emergency situation during the competition or if you have a question that is not related to the problem or submission, please contact Professor Heather Payne at [email protected].

Discussion Board Information

To access the Journal Competition Discussion Board via LawNet, follow instructions listed below under "Discussion Board Access".

Do NOT speak to any journal members directly during the course of the competition. To submit a question, you must use the Blackboard discussion thread. The journal Editors-in-Chief will respond to your questions as soon as possible. Check the site frequently whether you have questions or not, as it will contain important information. The steps for submitting a question are as follows:

Discussion Board Access

  1. Login to PirateNet/LawNet (
  2. Click the Blackboard button.
  3. Select “Organizations” from left navigation.
  4. Select “Journals Write-on Competition” from organization list.
  5. Select “Discussions” from left navigation.
  6. Click “2022 Journal Write-on Competition Q&A.”
  7. Select the Reply button and change the Subject area to include your topic. Type your message in the Message box.

If you experience issues with accessing the discussion board, please contact [email protected] for access.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This competition is based on anonymity. To avoid disqualification once competition has started, please do not contact the Journal members directly. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ana Santos, [email protected] who will be the liaison between the student(s) and the Journal members.

How to submit your file?

  1. Competition entries must be submitted no later than August 12, 2022 at 11:00 a.m.
  2. Before submitting, please re-read competition instructions packet and confirm that your submission complies with all instructions (indicated within competition packet).
  3. File cannot be more than 1000kb in size.
  4. Remove your information/metadata from your final document. Removing metadata from a file via OneDrive results in the reappearance of the metadata. Meaning it does not allow the metadata to be fully removed. Please note that your file needs to be first saved locally on the hard drive prior to deleting the meta data from it. Learn how to remove your information from your final document by visiting the Metadata instructions page.
  5. File must be saved with your anonymous number in Word .docx format as instructed in competition packet (i.e. 9999.docx, etc.) but keep in mind that by default, when you attach file multiple times, the file will include an additional number at the end but only your four digit anonymous number will be submitted. For example, your anonymous number is 9999 and you attached your file three times -- your file will first be uploaded as 9999.docx, the second time you attach a file, it will save as 99992.docx and the third time will save as 99993.docx. The journals will receive the most current (i.e. third) version but as 9999.docx.

Submit to ALL Journals or to the Journal(s) of your choice

  1. To submit to ALL JOURNALS in one upload, enter your anonymous # and upload your paper
    below and remember to click the
    "upload" button to attach your paper. Remember to click the "SUBMIT to ALL JOURNALS" button. For individual journal submissions, please click your journal of choice below.
  2. To submit to Law Review only or Legislative Journal only, enter your anonymous # and upload your paper next to each journal listed below. Remember to clidk the "SUBMIT" button to attach your paper.

Competition Submission List >>
Note: List will remain empty until the first file is submitted.

If you encounter a problem with your submission and your anonymous number does not appear in the Competition Submission List, please contact [email protected].  All questions will be answered as quickly as possible.

"The competition has ended and the form for submissions is now closed."