Gaming, Hospitality, Entertainment and Sports Law Initiative (GHamES)

Devon A. CornealAt Seton Hall Law School, we love seeing our students combine their passions with their professional goals, and nowhere is that more evident than in our Gaming, Hospitality, Entertainment, and Sports Law Initiative (“GHamES”).

Whether you’re a sports fan, a lover of the arts, a news or media junkie, a poker player with a mind for numbers, or a life-long traveler, our GHamES initiative prepares you for a legal career that builds on those interests. Just ask our alumni who serve as counsel to professional sports teams, leagues, and arenas; sports agents; compliance officers for casinos and online gaming operators; government regulators; advisors to major hotel chains and fitness providers; and officers and directors of global media companies. There truly is no limit to what you can do with your Seton Hall Law degree.

We start in the classroom, providing a robust curriculum taught by experienced and enthusiastic faculty. Then, because lawyering is about more than just case studies and lectures, we offer a host of applied learning and networking opportunities including moot court and negotiation competitions, symposia, speakers’ series, and an array of externships and internships. Student groups, including the Entertainment and Sports Law Society and journals, give students important opportunities to engage in research and writing and to take on leadership and management roles. Finally, when work is done, our students take advantage of Seton Hall Law’s unique location and proximity to New York and Atlantic City to relax and access world-class sporting events, concerts, shows, museums, restaurants, and hotels.

Both in and out of the classroom, the GHamES initiative gives students the foundation they need to propel themselves into legal careers they find personally satisfying and professionally rewarding. We hope you’ll join us!

Devon A. Corneal
Assistant Dean Gaming, Hospitality, Entertainment and Sports Law
[email protected]