Entertainment Law (GHamES)

The media and entertainment industry in the United States is as vibrant and creative as ever, and offers a myriad of opportunities for talented, hardworking attorneys. Whether your interest lies in music, publishing, film, theatre, television, video games, or podcasts, the entertainment industry has a place for you. Lawyers in this space are conversant in a wide array of substantive areas including intellectual property, contracts, corporate law, and negotiations and must be prepared to use that knowledge to counsel their clients on everything from licensing rights to free speech considerations, to employment contracts. Our alumni are using the skills they learned at Seton Hall Law School to advise entities including ViacomCBS, Atlantic Records, Vice Media, Universal Parks & Resorts, Sony Pictures Entertainment, NBCUniversal Media, Bento Box Entertainment-Blockchain Creative Labs, and Orange Theory Fitness.


A Seton Hall Law School education prepares students with rigorous coursework and applied learning opportunities that ensure that students are ready to contribute to their chosen field immediately upon graduation. In addition to required core courses, students interested in entertainment law can elect to take Entertainment Law Copyright, Law and Music, and/or First Amendment Law. We are constantly reviewing our curriculum to ensure that our courses reflect the newest developments in the industry and prepare our students to succeed.

Student Groups

The Entertainment and Sports Law Society (“ESLS”) is an entirely student-run group, dedicated to broadening students’ exposure to sports, entertainment, gaming and hospitality law and to learn from and network with industry professionals in these fields.