Gaming Law (GHamES)

The United States gaming industry has begun an extraordinary expansion, buoyed by the rise of online gambling and legalized sports betting. On the heels of the landmark 2018 Supreme Court Decision in Murphy v. NCAA, which opened the floodgates to legalized sports betting across the United States, gambling has become a multi-billion dollar industry in need of highly skilled attorneys capable of navigating the myriad of legal, ethical, and regulatory issues presented by gambling and gaming in the online age. Clients including brick and mortar casinos, online sportsbooks, suppliers, regulators, service providers, payment processors, and software developers are looking for curious, dedicated, and energetic attorneys to guide them through the web of regulatory and legal issues arising from this ongoing growth.

New Jersey has long been a leader in the gaming industry and was instrumental in developing the litigation strategy that led to the legalization of sports betting in the United States. Seton Hall Law is continuing that tradition as the leader in gaming education on the East Coast. Seton Hall Law has a robust Gaming Advisory Board and a talented faculty dedicated to providing students both curricular and applied learning experiences needed to succeed in the industry.

Gaming Compliance Speaker, Kate Lowenhar-Fisher

Gaming Compliance Board Member, William J. Pascrell, III, Esq.

Gaming Compliance Board Member, Martin Lycka


A Seton Hall Law School education ensures that students are ready to contribute to their chosen field immediately upon graduation. In addition to required core courses, students interested in the gaming industry can elect to take Gaming Law and explore more complex topics in gaming law in their advanced writing requirement (AWR). New courses that reflect emerging and core issues in the industry are always being developed.

Gaming Law, Compliance, and Integrity Bootcamp

Seton Hall Law School’s Gaming, Compliance, and Integrity Bootcamp is “a must attend certificate event for professionals interested in the US market.” This multi-day intensive program is designed to promote legal compliance and integrity in the gaming industry by providing high quality and robust legal, compliance, and ethics education to professionals working or seeking to work in this space. To that end, the Bootcamp brings together compliance, ethics and integrity officers, legal counsel, gaming consultants, and regulatory professionals to explore gaming-related laws and regulations, legislation, public policy, technological innovations, and ethical issues to understand and address emerging issues in the field.

Students may apply to attend the Bootcamp and earn course credit for their participation. Bootcamp participation often leads to employment opportunities in the industry, while affording young lawyers the compliance and ethics training that is paramount to success in gaming.

Joseph Caputi, Esq.
"The Seton Hall Compliance Boot Camp is second to none.  The willingness of all involved, including state regulators, Fortune 500 companies, private practitioners, and students, to not only create an environment for expanding one's practice regarding compliance and integrity in gaming, but to also learn and grow with the industry as a whole should be a prerequisite to everyone in the sector." Joseph Caputi, Esq., Director of Compliance | Prophet Exchange