Current Research Fellows

  Yenis Vanesa Argueta Guevara, '20
Undergraduate university: Syracuse University
Major: Bioengineering
Hometown: San Luis de la Reina, San Miguel, El Salvador
Email: [email protected]
“I decided to come to Seton Hall after reading about the Guantanamo research. I became a Fellow because I really want to work with Professor Denbeaux–especially after having him as my Professional Responsibility professor. Additionally, I want to use my skills and experience to cause some change in the social fabric of the country."


  Adam J. Casner, '20
Undergraduate university: Montclair State University
Major: Music Theory/Composition, Conc. In Piano
Hometown: Cedar Grove, NJ
Email: [email protected]
“ I came to law school to protect the artists I’ve worked with my entire life. Art is the most important form of human expression, and as such it needs to be properly protected by those who understand the community and the laws that govern it."


  Joshua D. Cooper, '20
Undergraduate university: Seton Hall University
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies: History
Hometown: Little Falls, NJ
Email: [email protected]
“I came to Law school to help those who needed it most in the justice system and to advocate for disability equality in the world. Fighting for public policies to help the disabled community is something I am very passionate about, given my status of being physically disabled. I want to fight for true justice and equality."


  Kristofer Guldner, '20
Undergraduate university: George Washington University
Major: Double Major in Marketing and Sports Management
Hometown: Chester, New Jersey
Email: [email protected]


  Stephanie R. Haire, '20
Undergraduate university: University of Washington
Major: Political Science and Comparative History of Ideas
Hometown: Austin, TX
Email: [email protected]
“Since it was first publicized that the detention center at Guantanamo Bay was being used for long-term detentions outside the jurisdiction of the traditional legal system of the United States, I have been interested in the factual details and legal principles that underpin the situation there. Being able to gain a greater understanding of this moment in world history is an opportunity I was excited to be able to take advantage of at Seton Hall."


  Tatiana S. Laing, '20
Undergraduate university: American University
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies: Communications, law. Economic, and Government
Hometown: Piscataway, NJ
Email: [email protected]
“Part of the reason I decided to become a lawyer is because of my belief that everyone deserves a chance to have a day in court. Working with the Center has given me a once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to an effort to see that ideal realized for some of the most despised among us."


  Ahmed A. Metwally, '20
Undergraduate university: Seton Hall University
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Wayne, NJ
Email: [email protected]
“ I joined the Center so that I could begin to use the knowledge and skills I have gained during my education to truly make a difference. It is incumbent on all members of the legal community to play their roles in advocating on behalf of those who need our help most."


  David Ptalis, '20
Undergraduate university: Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Randolph, NJ
Email: [email protected]
“I decided to attend Law School because the law impacts nearly every aspect of our daily lives. I hope to be able to utilize my skills to work within the legal community to help effect positive changes both on the macro and micro levels."


  Timothy J. Profeta, '20
Undergraduate university: Rhode Island College
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Stillwater, NJ
Email: [email protected]
“My love of history and attraction to human extremes brought me to the work of the Center. I’m highly devoted to the preservation and promotion of Due Process which requires an acknowledgment of dignity, a respect for the person (which implies a respect for one’s self), and equal justice under law. The affairs of Guantanamo Bay have always seemed distant and unrelated to my life. Now, the other fellows and I are part of the affairs in Guantanamo Bay and it is both exciting and deeply humbling. This work has made me think and reflect, and in my estimation, will help make me a good lawyer one day. I’m also learning there are lots of emotions surrounding the existence of Guantanamo, but these emotions have no effect on our principles. Our emotions are temporary, our principles must not be."


  Denera Ragoonanan, '20
Undergraduate university: State University of New York at New Paltz
Major: International Relations
Hometown: Queens, NY
Email: [email protected]
“I became a fellow because I wanted to learn how to use our legal system to promote fairness and justice to those who are voiceless. Prior to law school, I worked in Eastern Europe and Western Asia. I saw how refugees and political dissenters were often left without access to the justice system. This resulted in their systematic abuse. I decided I wanted to study law to learn how to use the legal system to give everyone a fair chance. I joined the Center for Policy and Research because, it allowed me to use my experiences and combine them with my interest areas of international human rights and law. As a fellow of the Center, I am able to continue to gain exposure to real legal issues and work on my research and writing skills while also working in topics I am passionate about."


  Jade W. Sobh, '20
Undergraduate university: George Washington University
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Paramus, NJ
Email: [email protected]


  Niki Waters, '20
Undergraduate university: Penn State University
Major: Criminology and Psychology; Business minor
Hometown: Millstone, NJ
Email: [email protected]
“I got involved with the Center because Professor Denbeaux talked about his work with Guantanamo detainees during our Professional Responsibility class and it seemed really interesting."