Center for Policy and Research

About the Center

The Center for Policy and Research provides law students with an uncommon opportunity to gain experience in forensic analysis and investigation through research into national policies and practices. Expanding their knowledge beyond legal doctrine, students participating in the Center as Research Fellows gain proficiency in identifying patterns and inconsistencies and uncovering the truth that can help shape the law and public policy. Students work with facts and data to find and develop patterns from large quantities of information, and to evaluate the significance of what they discover.

The Center’s work focuses on three key areas: Interrogations & Intelligence, National Security, and Forensics. Among the Center’s high-profile projects are the world renowned Guantánamo Reports, which were developed by analyzing the government’s own data through the systematic review of literally over 100,000 pages of government documents procured through the Freedom of Information Act. The Guantánamo Reports have been widely cited, published and reported throughout the world.

The newest report, "The January 6 Insurrectionists: Who They Are and What They Did," presents demographic data and provides a detailed examination of the disposition and charges brought against the 716 persons prosecuted in the first year after the storming of the Capitol. Please use the three pages of interactive charts below to compare data across a few selected fields of the dataset. If you hold down CTRL and click different charts, you will affect the graphs to find more specific information and relationships. For the accompanying report, please visit our SSRN site using the Jan 6th Report button.

To view a Microsoft Power BI breakdown of the data, please click here

3 bar graphs, 4 pie charts, a map of the world, a graph and a list of names related to people involved with the January 6 insurrection.