Title IX and Gender Equity in Sports

  • coaching
  • equal protection
  • sexual assault
  • effective accommodation
  • contact sports
  • transgender athletes
  • equal pay
  • Title IX
  • retaliation
  • contracts
  • sexual harassment

Learn to:


  1. Apply the three-part test for determining compliance with Title IX’s requirements for effective accommodation of athletic interests

  2. Evaluate an institution’s compliance with Title IX’s requirements for equal treatment and benefits

  3. Assess the validity of wage discrimination claims in coaching contracts and professional sports contexts



This course provides an overview of the history of and legal issues associated with gender equity in amateur and professional sports.  Topics include constitutional protections for discrimination based on sex; gender equity protections provided by Title IX, including participation opportunities and equal treatment and benefits; Title IX protections related to sexual harassment and sexual assault; and issues related to gender discrimination in sports employment.


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