Cybersecurity and Privacy: Law, Policy, Compliance

  • malware
  • hacking
  • network architecture
  • NIST guidelines
  • data breaches
  • cyber war
  • FISA Court
  • Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  • botnets
  • surveillance
  • cyber terrorism
  • digital forensics

Learn to:


  1. Identify key sources of law applicable to the Internet as a decentered, community-standards focused network system

  2. Assess risks to cybersecurity from mismanagement, crime, terrorism, and war

  3. Evaluate proposed changes in the law related to cybersecurity and assess their implications for the industry and civil society



This course examines the law and policy of foreign and domestic Internet governance, computer crime, online privacy and personal data protection, private infrastructure and the Law of Emergencies, and emerging compliance frameworks for cybersecurity. Study the legal, policy and compliance challenges raised by efforts to protect the Internet and other forms of networked computer systems. Topics covered include threats to cybersecurity including mismanagement, crime, terrorism and war, The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, US and European Union privacy law, and compliance frameworks for cybersecurity.

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