Stark Law and Compliance

  • self-referral
  • fair market value
  • in-office ancillary services
  • personal services agreement
  • hospital-physician arrangements
  • group practice definition
  • compensation arrangement
  • space and equipment rentals
  • volume or value
  • self disclosure protocol
  • remuneration
  • per-click arrangements

Learn to:


  1. Assess practical fact patterns in order to issue-spot potential areas of non-compliance

  2. Identify the potential repercussions of a Stark Law violation and manage practical situations to reduce the risk of legal exposure

  3. Analyze the potential implications of the Stark Law on structuring compliant physician arrangements, particularly in light of healthcare reform


The Stark Law class gives students an opportunity to explore, in-depth, the federal physician self-referral prohibition, including implications of violations of the Stark Law, mitigating risk of legal exposure, and compliant physician relationships. Practical examples provide tools for healthcare professionals to apply the Stark Law in business and legal settings. Upon completion of the course, students will understand the key elements, regulatory exceptions and policies behind the Stark Law.

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