Sports Betting & Fantasy Sports

  • sportsbooks
  • Tenth Amendment
  • licensing
  • Murphy
  • vice
  • advertising
  • regulation
  • suitability
  • sports
  • wagering
  • anti-commandeering

Learn to:


  • Discuss the historical arc of sports betting in the United States from cultural, political, and legal perspectives

  • Evaluate the constitutional challenge to PASPA and the result of the federal litigation leading to its repeal

  • Explain how sports betting is regulated in the United States and what considerations operators, compliance officers, regulators, and consultants must consider when operating in this space


This course will cover the history and regulation of sports betting and fantasy sports both before and after 2018. Topics covered will include the limits on sports betting prior to the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act ("PASPA"), the constitutional challenge to PASPA, and the expansion of sports betting in the United States after PASPA was repealed. In addition, this course will address gaming as it relates to both fantasy sports and esports.

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