Torts: Liability for Civil Wrongs

  • deterrence
  • duty
  • Hand formula
  • damages
  • breach
  • comparative fault
  • defamation
  • assumption of risk
  • compensation
  • causation
  • negligence per se
  • strict liability

Learn to:


  1. Explain the basic principles underlying the law of negligence

  2. Appreciate the factors courts consider in determining the causes of a particular outcome

  3. Recognize how a victim’s contribution to his or her injury may affect the determination of liability or damages


This tort law class examines the law governing private recovery for injuries to person or property, with a focus on the law of negligence. Students will analyze the negligence principle, affirmative duties to act, including duties based on statutory violations. Upon completion of the course, students will have a broad understanding of the basic principles underlying the law of negligence and the policy objectives of the tort system. Additional topics covered include defenses to tort liability, damages, and defamation.

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