Marketing and Communications at Seton Hall Law School

The consistent use of logos and colors (graphic standards) and editorial messaging/style (University and Law School style) throughout all materials Seton Hall Law School produces reinforces the ideals that Seton Hall stands for: academic excellence, Catholic mission and community.

Graphic Standards

Use the Law School Graphic Standards manual to learn how Law School logos, symbols and colors must be properly incorporated into all communications. Use the Law School Style Guide (and University Style guide when needed) to learn how to maintain proper style in publications that will be shared with the public. It details how to refer to buildings on campus, list alumni, donors and professors, and reviews common grammatical challenges.

  1. View the Seton Hall Law School Style Guide

PowerPoint Templates

Below are Seton Hall Law School approved PowerPoint templates for your use.

  1. Speaker/Presenter PowerPoint Template (wide format)
  2. Event/Announcement Advertising LCD Template (standard format)
  3. Formal LCD Example (standard format)
  4. Informal LCD Example (standard format)
  5. Other LCD Example (standard format)
    1. Advertising Slides on LCDs - To post event information to the LCD screens throughout the law school building, please send completed PowerPoint slides in standard 4:3 size (*note 16:9 widescreen will not be accepted) directly to [email protected] at least five (5) business days prior to the event scheduled date.


The following forms allow the law school community and constituents to request web communications, creative development and marketing projects.

  1. Calendar Event Planner
  2. Web Page/Content Planner
  3. Digital Content Request
  4. New Faculty Web Bio Request


  1. Digital Backgrounds for you next video call!
  2. Photo/Video Release
  3. Photo Use Terms
  4. Internal Photo Use Terms Regarding Use of Student Images