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The Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy exists primarily to educate lawyers and health care industry professionals regarding the extraordinarily complex set of laws that govern patients, health care providers, manufacturers and suppliers. Furthermore, Center faculty and research fellows produce scholarship, white papers and recommendations for policy on the varied and complex issues posed by health and pharmaceutical law, health care access, human subject research, mental health issues, and non-profit governance. Faculty members bring to the Center's work nationally recognized expertise in nanotechnology, health care finance, intellectual property law and bioethics, among other areas. The Center fosters informed dialogue among policymakers, consumer advocates, the medical profession and industry in the search for solutions to the ethical, legal, and social questions presented in the health and pharmaceutical arena.


The Center offers:

  1. Academic Programs. The Center offers three degree programs for JD, LLM and MSJ students, online Graduate Certificates, and certificate programs in Healthcare Compliance.
  2. Health & Public Policy. The Center researches, reviews, and develops policy recommendations on key issues of health and life sciences law and compliance to inform and shape policy at the state and national levels.
  3. Scholarship. The Center produces scholarship through journal publication and white papers on emerging legal, ethical, and social issues in health and life sciences law.
  4. Special Programs. The Center hosts guest speaker programs and educational fora on local, national and international health and life sciences issues by leading experts from the public and private sectors to examine important policy and legal issues.
  5. Certification in Healthcare Compliance. The Center offers intensive life sciences compliance training programs in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific, that address the research, approval, promotion, and sale of drugs and medical devices in these regions.

The Center operates under the leadership of Faculty Director and Professor of Law John Jacobi and Assistant Dean for Graduate and Professional Education Ela Bochenek. To contact the Center, please call 973-642-8863 or email




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Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy
The Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy team (pictured from left): Professor Jordan K. Paradise, Professor Timothy P. Glynn, Associate Dean Kathleen M. Boozang, Research Fellow & Lecturer in Law Tara A. Ragone, Research Fellow & Lecturer in Law Kate Greenwood, Professor John V. Jacobi, Administrative Assistant Catherine Finizio, Executive Director Simone Handler-Hutchinson ’93, and Professor of Law & Academic Director of Division of Online Learning Carl Coleman (not pictured).

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