Executive Course Electives


Our online executive elective courses may be taken as part of any certificate or degree we offer and are designed for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge of the legal environment that influences so much of their day-to-day activities. While not intended to substitute for legal advice, the various offerings provide the information necessary to appreciate the sometimes complex legal doctrines that operate in the workplace and allow management and/or human resources professionals to interact more effectively with their legal and compliance counterparts.

Our executive electives are:

  1. Managing Legal Issues in the Workplace
  2. Conducting Internal Investigations
  3. Managing Whistleblower Risks

Materials for the courses are drawn from statutory and regulatory texts, judicial decisions, and expert commentary. Through a series of multimedia presentations, guided discussions and individually supervised writing projects, students learn to interpret legal documents and assess their practical implications.

All of our law courses online offer intensive, individualized feedback, as well as an opportunity to develop the practical skills necessary to research and communicate effectively about the law.

Seton Hall Law School has been a leader in employment and labor law for three decades. Our faculty produces leading national casebooks and treatises in both Employment Discrimination and Employment Law, and our faculty’s sponsorship of the Seton Hall Employment and Labor Law Forum makes Seton Hall Law a center for developing scholarly perspectives. Not academics only, our faculty has practiced widely in the area and are called upon as expert witnesses in matters involving workplace issues.



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