Sports Law: The Name, Image, & Likeness Revolution in College Athletics

  • State laws
  • Amateurism
  • Contracts
  • NCAA
  • Publicity
  • Monetization
  • Athlete rights
  • Intellectual property
  • Intercollegiate athletics
  • Empowerment

Learn to:


  1. Assess the opportunity that access to Name, Image & Likeness represents to college athletes and how it changes the landscape of collegiate athletics

  2. Analyze state laws and NCAA regulations to assess the benefits of specific NIL opportunities and apply contractual principles to protect against risk in making an NIL deal

  3. Evaluate challenges and risks to colleges and universities from the newly developing NIL space and help mitigate missteps in this new landscape



This course examines the newly created right of college athletes to access entrepreneurial opportunities based on their common law rights of publicity, often called of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights. Until recently, amateurism rules prevented college athletes from accessing these rights, but changes in the rules and policies of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), together with recently enacted state laws, have given college athletes a new ability to use and potentially profit from these rights.  This course will examine the challenges and opportunities arising from this major shift in the world of intercollegiate athletics. Topics covered include a detailed examination of the legal environment surrounding NIL; the NCAA rules still applicable to NIL and the interplay of these rules with state laws; the key contractual terms and provisions that shape NIL transactions; opportunities allowed and limited under current NIL laws and regulation; institutional responsibilities and liabilities created by NIL; strategies for limiting risk in pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities available under NIL; and the range of third-party participants that have sprung up in the NIL space.

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