Managing Whistleblower Risks

  • employee hotline
  • retaliation
  • gatekeeper
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • qui tam relator
  • wrongful discharge
  • risk management
  • public policy doctrine
  • protected conduct
  • False Claims Act
  • employee protections
  • Dodd-Frank

Learn to:


  1. Appreciate the legal definition of "retaliation" and identify the kinds of employee conduct protected from retaliation

  2. Explain what actions managers can and cannot take toward a whistleblowing employee

  3. Apply risk management strategies to help deal with potential whistleblower claims



This course explores the vast array of whistleblower protection laws that protect employees who report misconduct by their employers. Topics covered include common-law whistleblower protections, state and federal whistleblower statutes, strategies for managing whistleblowers and whistleblowing, and the role of compliance professionals in the whistleblower management process. Students will leave the course with risk management strategies that will help deal with potential whistleblower claims. Upon completion of the course, students will also be able to summarize key sources of law relevant to the claim of wrongful discharge and describe the rationale behind the “public policy” exception to the doctrine of employment at will.


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