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Our society is in the midst of a privacy debate which will impact our lives...

School Outreach Program

The Institute for Privacy Protection has developed a school outreach program that will focus on raising awareness and good decision making related to personal privacy and social media. Our school outreach curriculum will focus on elementary and middle school children in New Jersey and Manhattan. The curriculum includes the following topics: Introduction to Privacy, Digital Footprint and Reputation, Ads and Content, and Balancing Time Online vs. Offline. We anticipate that our outreach program will reach over 200 elementary and middle school children by the summer of 2018 in New Jersey and New York.

To learn more about the school Outreach program, contact Najarian (Jari) Peters at [email protected]

Student Fellows

The Institute for Privacy Protection is pleased to announce the opening of its selection process for the Annual Student Fellowship Program. The Institute is seeking to fill four student fellow positions. The Student Fellowship experience will include the following unique opportunities:

  1. Student fellows will receive training on the Institute’s Privacy Curriculum for older elementary and/or middle school students
  2. Student fellows will teach older elementary and/or middle school students about privacy protection through exploration of privacy topics including:
    1. Introduction to Privacy
    2. Digital Footprint and Reputation
    3. Ads and Content Choice
    4. Online vs. Online Balance
  3. Student fellows will be prominently featured on the new Institute for Privacy Protection website
  4. Student fellows will play an active role assisting in the Institute for Privacy Protection sponsored events; participation will include networking and career development opportunities
  5. Student Fellows will benefit from other opportunities as an integral part of the Institute for Privacy Protection throughout the academic year

Learn more about the Student Fellowship Program and eligibility requirements here.

Institute Leadership

  • Bernstein

    Gaia Bernstein

    Institute Director

    Technology, Privacy and Policy Professor of Law, Director of the Institute for Privacy Protection and Co-Director of the Gibbons Institute for Law Science and Technology
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