Institute for Privacy Protection

About the Institute for Privacy Protection  

Our society is in the midst of a privacy debate which will impact our lives...

Technological change rapidly transforms entrenched social norms and modes of human interaction. These changes repeatedly place privacy at the center of social and legal debates. The Institute for Privacy Protection seeks to educate consumers and businesses and to provide inter-disciplinary forums to address emerging privacy issues. Specifically, the Institute:

  1. educates individuals and organizations about consumers’ exposure to privacy threats and ways to protect their personal information and avoid unsolicited invasions of their personal space through novel technologies and various forms of marketing. The Institute focuses specifically on youth, parents and educators, to increase awareness of privacy threats resulting from use of new information technologies and to highlight potential solutions.
  2. educates businesses and professionals in the general business arena and in highly privacy regulated industries as to the privacy issues and legal rules affecting their operations, including permissible and impermissible sharing of personal information and forms of commercial advertising.
  3. provides inter-disciplinary forums that foster a dialogue among legal academics, lawyers, psychologists, educators, technology designers, consumers, businesses and others to address ethical, cultural, social and legal privacy issues and promote the search for solutions.